Club Aiming

Aiming your clubface properly (Irons, Woods and Putter) is much easier than you realize. There are putter companies that charge a premium to offset, change the loft and lie angle of the putter so you will be aimed at a precise target.  Don't pay the extra money for that kind of fitting.  It is so very easy to aim every club in your bag including your putter when you understand the science of physical balance a.  We have worked out the science, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the videos below.  

Also, stance width measurements are currently free online at our sister site,  If you simply input your body measurements, you will be emailed the results.  Clubface aim becomes easy once you are in balance.  Path is a different story. 

This first video demonstrates how your irons look open when they are actually aimed precisely down your target line.

The next video shows a simple strategy of how to approach your ball when you ground your club to aim your iron clubface precisely at your target.


In the last iron aim video Dr. Wright integrates stance width and posture to show how to properly set up to the ball while mainitaining your clubface aim.  Putter aim follows this video.


In the 3 following videos, Dr. Wright walks you through putter face aim.  Don't pay extra for a putter that is aimed at a target. You can learn to aim your current putter for free.  The first video reviews how to find your ideal stance width for putter aim and how changes in stance width will impact path and aim.


The last of these 3 videos shows how to aim your putter down the line every time.  Remember, there is a difference between putter aim and putter path.  You can be aimed precisely at your target but your path might be outside-in or inside-out due to improper left and right hand grip size.


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