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Dr. Wright conducted extensive research trials at the Biomechanics Lab at Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles. The focus of the entire study was balance.  Out of that research came an understanding that the correct right and left hand grip size "frees" the Core and allows unrestricted rotation for maximum power.  A left or right grip size that does not fit creates tension in the left and / or right side of the Core causing a rotation of the hips, an imbalanced stance and a power leak.  (See the "Research" link in the main navigation to view a video summary of Dr. Wright's biomechanics lab research)

His research also showed that there are a series of stance widths based upon an individual's body mass where they will be in balance.  When a person is not in balance, tension results in the left or right side of their core and their hips rotate left or right, again creating changes in club path and power.

Dr. Wright uses all of these findings and measurements to put students in balance during his lessons and golf schools.  All lessons and golf schools begin in the biomechanics lab where the measurements are done.  He uses a laser hand scanner to determine left and right hand grip size in less than 5 seconds per hand.  Three digital photographs provide the posture and stance width information for set up... then to the putting green and range to apply these new balanced positions.


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