Power Balance

Absolute Balance is created by multiple factors, the two most important of which are your balanced stance width and posture.  Power comes from the leverage you create by having the greatest surface coverage of the ground with both feet, also created by Absolute Balance.

For years I have taught my students to assume an atlhletic position, whatever that meant to them.  Now, we are able to quantify balance by taking a few simple measurements of the body.  We also know that each of us is different.  We each have a different stance width, a different posture and a different left and right hand grip size, all of which impact balance.

The following video is an illustration of balance and power in an 84 year-old student.  I use him as an example for multiple reasons.  The first reason is that most of us believe that we lose flexibility as we age, not so as you will see in this video.  Secondly, you will see the importance of posture, grip size and stance width in the span of a few minutes. 



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