Visual Perception

Visual Perception:  When you are in balance, your perception of lines on the putting green will be accurate.  When you are out of balance your perception of the line is left or right of your intended target. Use the string and toothpick as shown in the following video to test your visual perception of lines.

Join us at a Wright Balance Golf Academy school or lesson and we will measure your body, put you in your balanced stance widths for putter through driver.  Then, we will measure your grip size with our laser hand scanner for putter, irons and woods.  You will be aimed at a toothpick with your putter at 6 feet, your visual perception of lines will be precise and accurate and you will be in absolute balance with every club in your bag.

In the following video Dr. Wright discusses the role of a balanced stance width, good posture and the role of grip size in the accurate visual perception of lines.



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