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March 17-19, 2017 Golf School in Port St. Lucie FL with Dr. Wright & LPGA Tournament Winner Laurie Rinker

For infromation regarding our March 17-19 2017 school at Port St. Lucie, FL contact Laurie Rinker at or Dr. Wright at:

Physical balance is a result of Core Symmetry.  Wright Balance has discovered 3 Core Region Swing types.  Upper Core Players swing with their arms and hands; Lower Core Players swing with their body and Middle Core Players swing with a combination of their Upper & Lower CoreSee the FREE EBook links below for illustrations of Elite Tour Swings by Core Region. Core Symmetry at setup facilitates the most efficient motion, maximum Power & the least stress on your body. As a result of extensive biomechanical research, we are able to show you how to create Core Symmetry at address and through your swing.  If you have physical aches and pains following practice and play, you will get relief through our Core Symmetry program.  Mental balance involves developing a set of skills that enable you to most efficiently manage your ball and yourself; to stay focused, and mentally tough; and to maximize your potential.  We will provide you with the mental skills to produce consistency in your game.  Wright Balance is dedicated to researching and teaching the fundamentals of physical and mental balance for your improved performance and increased enjoyment of golf.

Are you an Upper, Lower or Middle Core Player?  Check out this FREE EBook for an Answer:

This FREE EBook will provide more information on Elite Tour Player's Swings by Core Region

We will be holding "Wright Balance Fitter Training" during 2017 in Florida & Caliornia.  Contact Dr. Wright at if you are interested in becoming a Wright Balance Fitter.


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