I was #1 in putting on the Asian Tour using the Wright Balance System!  Your putting stroke is a result of your balance.   Once I was put in balance with stance width, posture and grip size,  that took care of my mechanics.    All I have to do is visualize. 

 Ramon Brobio, Asian PGA Tour Player


Doc, what we did with balance has revived my game... Absolutely striped it and in balance... I  hit it better than I have in 2 years.  Thanks so much!! 

A. R.  San Diego


You have to experience the Wright Balance fitting system with grip size, posture and stance width.  I couldn’t believe how different we all are.  It is truly an amazing game changer!  No more stroke mechanics.  Balance creates the stroke!  Just visualize!  It is truly amazing when you find balance.

Dennis Paulson, PGA Tour Veteran

I was Number 1 in putting on the Nationwide Tour using the Wright Balance set up system.  All I had to do to see lines was to be in balance!

Kevin Stadler,  PGA Tour Veteran

Our cart GPS had my best  drive at 291 yards....big difference for me.  Irons are more consistent, but I am hitting them farther than I am used to…  flying greens...  Another major difference is in putting.  I played a round last Saturday, and through 9 holes, I had 8 putts!! Chipped one in, and putted one in… I finished with 22 putts on the day.   I have never putted so straight, with such control over distance, and I can just feel the lines now.  And I had never played that course before…

Steve L  San Diego  2 weeks after fitting


I have played golf for 20 years, 15 of those years with back pain after I practice or play.  After going through the fitting, I am longer, more accurate and putting great.  Most importantly, my back doesn’t hurt if I find the correct posture.  I can even putt longer on the practice green…. You saved my back!! Thank you.

Marisa A  Austin Texas  1 month after fitting



I have played golf for over 40 years and I have never seen anything as revolutionary as your program.  It will change your game and your swing by just being in balance.  All I did was change my grip size and I narrowed my stance and my club is square at the top...do you know how many years I have worked to be square at the top!?  It makes sense now that I understand balance.  Thanks!!

 Jimmy A... Former PGA Senior Tour Player


I saved 6 strokes with my putter the first round I played after changing my grip size.   I tried to use the balanced set up with just my stance width and ball position.  My putting was better but nothing like it was after changing my grip size.  It was amazing to feel the subtle change in my balance when I changed the grip size and combined all 3.  Thanks!

Rick S  Mission Viejo


After my fitting last week,  I played a round last Saturday, and through 9 holes, I had 10 putts!! Chipped one in.   I have never putted so straight, with such control over distance, and I can just feel the lines now! 

Steve L  Escondido, CA


I've been playing more and putting great!!  I played 9 holes  at Diablo last Thursday, and had only 11 putts.

RicK E. Orinda, CA


"My friends are not happy with my sudden ability to make 8-10 foot putts. My handicap has been cut in half since my grip size, stance width fitting with you.   Really, it is beyond my greatest expectations.    I can't describe what a difference there is in my putting from April until now. Thank you!"  

Bryan W. Phoenix, AZ


Thanks for the balance fitting!!! Just won the Palm Beach County Golf Association Arrigo Dodge Chrysler Four Ball.   The last round was today & we had 30 mph wind gusts  on back nine. The stance width,  posture and new putting grip size kept me in great balance.   I could not believe how well I was putting!

Jason H   Jupiter, FL


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